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The Dive Flag happens to be the symbol for that remarkable sport of scuba diving in modern heritage. This exceptional flag is identified by lots of but is a lot more then only a image for scuba diving. For most regions, neighborhood guidelines and procedures involve one particular most use a dive flag even though diving. In this article in The usa, the dive flag can be a red flag with a white diagonal stripe jogging typically running with the top rated left corner to the bottom ideal corner.

Dive flags which are usually vinyl, are mounted in a variety of techniques, irrespective of whether it's over the boat your diving from or perhaps the typical fiberglass personnel where by the flag https://en.search.wordpress.com/?src=organic&q=스포츠중계 is stiffened which has a wire in order that it stands out within the staff members constantly. When diving with no boat the flag is normally held afloat by securely connected float. There are a number of other attachments that 스포츠중계 safe a dive flag to an inner tube as well as other buoyant items.

No matter what way you end up picking to mount your dive flag, you need to ensure it Obviously seen to other boaters. Regulations requiring how considerably boats should keep from dive flags differ from state to condition and internationally but distances normally range from fifty to one hundred fifty toes. Divers tend to be necessary to floor within just 25 feet of the flag, instead of doing so might be deadly to your diver. When your diving place is larger sized then the distance allowed by legislation, various dive flags ought to be utilized which can be divided then no extra then 100 toes apart to ensure boaters can see and obey the legislation. Internationally, the alpha flag, a swallow-tailed blue and white flag, is made use of when diving from a vessel. The dive flag is not only one of the cheapest purchases in scuba diving and also 1 of one's primary.